Finca Feeling
in Palma Palace

In the historic quarter of Calatrava in the centre of Palma old town buildings are full of history, but time and weather are also talking great toll, very often the palaces are in need of renovation.

And it is in this context that the top two floors of an historic building originating from the 17th century could be joined together with all the roofs creating terraces on 3 levels, taking advantage of the spectacular view of roof landscapes, the cathedral, several churches and the sea, and at the same time enjoying the very quiet green inner court, typical element of the palaces in the medieval city centre.

Structurally, the building was in poor condition, so the update was a great opportunity to clean up the old structure in full respect of its history, opening up the rooms to the court, creating a feeling of a countryside house in the middle of the city. On the entry level, the partition wall of the 40’s has been removed, making the living room more spacious. Also added was an interior staircase, as a direct connection to the roof terrace and small rooms on the upper level which was inspired by typical steep mallorquin stairs, but at the same time transparent, letting in light to the entry level.

The divisions of the small kitchen and servant room have been eliminated, creating a modern kitchen where you can still see the old partitions and at the same time having the rustic feeling of a countryside finca kitchen. The bedrooms with their 1860's plaster ceilings were not changed. The master bathroom has been hidden behind a front of closets.

On the terrace the outside kitchen and an outside shower along with a utility room were also hidden sliding behind panels, to save space. The old laundry rooms were converted into an artist atelier and guest room.

On the third terrace level, the belvedere.

Area: 138 m2

with Daniel Milnor, Stefan Lüttecke
Collaboration: Oliver Rogers