The Flying Kitchen

A flying kitchen (for a flying cook)...

The task was to adapt the existing unit, originally an office space, to the needs of the clients, a couple who enjoy to cook and entertain. The cramped floor plan needed some cleaning up.
The center of the house, the kitchen, needed to be opened up to the living space, and the master bedroom required a bathroom. The decision was easily taken: some 6 tons of concrete walls had to go.

In the kitchen, the flying kitchen table, with working space and sink area, uses the space above the stairs.
On the walls lots of big closets for the fridge and storage.
The same approach was taken with the master bedroom. The repositioned closets made room for an open master bathroom, with an unique large tub with a view of the alps, a splendid luminescent wall, and an inviting open shower.

The house has a new center of orientation without being to obstructed by it...