Young Space

The storage building designed by the famous Swiss engineer Maillard two centuries ago underwent a total renovation.

The space under the roof with 4 meters high ceilings became the new office for an upcoming IT company.

We tried to adapt the needs of the new function without impairing the existing structure: we added some 3 meter high rooms into the room leaving 1 meter of open space to the ceiling, and the much needed acoustic ceilings and walls were also carefully inserted.
Several indirect lights highlight the space in a very simple way.
Bathrooms with kitchens are in the corners of the space and meeting rooms separated by glass walls assured the readability of the old structure, at the same time the material chosen were of refreshing contrast putting an elegant and timeless quiet balance to the space, leaving a great freedom of flexibility for further changes of the floor display.

The 35 m long back-lighted library can be used as a product display, gives a distinctive character to the room and connecting all activities in it.

The introduction of a typographical light sculpture as an accent for the space also became part of the company logo.